Impact of Technology

Impact of Technology  means The application of Information technology (IT) to daily human activities has made incredible positive impact on all spheres of life. In these technology is being applied in many areas including health, education, leisure, work, businesses, communication and almost everything you can imagine.Technology adoption in corporate real estate has reached a dormant state inhibiting advancement for better organization This article identifies the profound impact of modern information technology on the manufacturing industry especially it does effect window manufacturing area. The impact wrench is a hand tool that is designed to permit the mechanics to apply torque for the tight fastening of nuts bolts in an object.Modern technologies have more wonders than people could think it would have. The Internet has brought about new opportunities and challenges in managing the supply-chain. New ways of doing business have been introduced. In addition, traditional ways of doing business have been re-engineered as existing technologies have been harnessed to the power of the Internet.the impact on the Information Technology industry and its workforce is being hit hard. With industry leaders like Microsoft, IBM and Intel shedding thousands of jobs how will the IT workforce survive?


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